Price & Packages

1 to 1 Personal Training

Prior to any session or package commencing we offer a free consultation as standard. During which, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and determine your fitness and BMI with a fully qualified Personal Trainer, who will then design a fitness program and give dietry guidance accordingly.

Single Session


One hour session





5 Session Package


Five - 1 hour sessions, over a course to suit you.



(£10 discount)

30min Express Session



10 Session Package


Ten 1 hour sessions, over a course to suit you.



(£20 discount)



20 Session Package


Twenty 1 hour sessions over a course to suit you..



(£40 discount)

Group Sessions

Group sessions can be motivating and supportive, whether amongst friends, as a couple or for team building with co-workers. It has become increasingly popular in fact - as a lunch break filler for employers, as the benefits through studies become highlighted. Employees who exercise midway through their working day become more productive and increase their ability to focus and concentrate. Not to mention an increased immune system and general health - so fewer days off sick!

2 People Training


1 hour session.


£15.00 per person



3 - 10 Group


Between 3 & 10 for a 1 hour session.


£12.50 per person

All groups that exceed 20 members will be designated an extra Personal Trainer and/or Fitness Instructor for every 20 people, as standard at no extra charge.

20+ Group


Twenty or more people for a 1 hour session.


£10.00 per person.



Large Groups Regularly


If you require regular sessions for groups of 20+, we recommend requesting a call back from one of our team to discuss possible offers.

We also offer a mobile and outdoor Training service for the same rates as our studio & gym sessions & packages.

Please note that any sessions taking place at the Village Health Club will also require their membership separately.