Who we are & what we do

Here at 4D Fitness we believe that fitness is a lifestyle and one of three key parts to your health and wellbeing - Fitness, Food & Focus.

We pride and dedicate ourselves to providing you with the tools and knowledge to find the healthiest and happiest you can be.

Based on a life time of experience and passion within the fitness and food industry - we strive to bring you the biggest challenges with the biggest results, while offering flexible structures, supportive customer care and designing everything to cater for you as a unique individual.

No more dated ideas:

We strongly believe that health and fitness is for every age and every body. We specialise in improving lifestyles for older adults, ante/post natal and those with diabetes and other medical referrals.While under professional and qualified guidance you can still safely improve you health and fitness.


Gear yourself up with the right food:

Put the best fuel in - get the best results out. Explore some of our delicious, vibrant and nutritious recipes via our facebook and Instagram pages. Designed to support your training. Also offering Vegan & Vegetarian Plant based Power!


You are only as healthy as your mind:

Keeping "focus" and building a lifestyle to maintain and enjoy health and wellbeing is our ultimate goal. It is the key to a life-long change and your ability to continue the new you, once having finished our services.



Training with 4D Fitness


What we offer:

Weight Training

Athletics Coaching


Weight Loss Programs

Ante & Post Natal Training

Exercise for Older Adults

GP/Medical Referrals - Injuries, diabetes, obesity etc.


Whatever your goals and abilities we will adapt a program to suit you.


Weight Training, what are the benefits and why they are part of your program:


Regular weight training can benefit just about everyone in myriad ways. We're talking better sleep, less stress, and more energy. Lifting weights goes way beyond just getting buff, for men, women, older adults and just about everybody.

After a few dates with some dumbbells, both guys and gals will notice an increase in resting metabolic rate, which will speed up reducing fat and replacing it with a nice new shapely muscle. And, as you get older, strength training can help combat the natural decline in muscle and bone density, reducing your chances of bone disorders like osteoparosis - wow! I know right?

Weights are key to staying injury free. In addition to muscles being stronger, studies show that resistance training can lead to stronger ligaments and tendons (those are the tough connective tissues that hold bone to bone or muscle to bone, respectively), meaning you're less prone to tears or other injuries in everyday activities. In addition - your bones will become tougher, so risks of fracture are reduced. Did you think you were too old to lift? Think again! You don't need to be bench pressing a small car to get the benefits. Low weights can be just as beneficial. Providing you're putting the muscles under strain - things are happening.

Are you here for athletics training? Well the weights are out again! Do you want your muscles to respond faster, harder and more efficiently? So you can excellerate off faster, jump higher or hit the ball harder; while getting to it quicker.

As if they weren't doing enough already, they're also strengthening our minds. Studies have shown improvement in our cognitive abilities and our focus. Not to mention reducing our stress levels and improving our all round mental health by producing feel-good endorphins and of course we're already a lot more confident in our new toned up bod.


Weight Loss:

With years of experience at shifting unwanted fat, we have bags of exercises and enthusiasm to coach you through a Weight Loss Program. But the benefits don't just stop at being able to fit into your target jeans. Regardless of whether you're here through GP referral or want to fit the jeans - you will be making massive changes to your health and physical performance.

As your weight declines - so does your blood pressure and consequently strain on the heart. Your risk of diabetes/threat to diabetes is also reducing with your weight. Your physical performance is increasing - you become more agile, nimble and faster, while your energy levels are getting higher. Hence why athletes lean down to as little body fat as they can before an event - they are at their physical and mental best.

Ante & Post Natal - Is Training a Good Idea?:

Yes. Certainly. Providing you pass our checks and your healthcare providers haven't highlighted any possible risks - exercise throughout pregnancy and afterwards is brilliant for you and baby. In fact, you are much more likely to have an easier and more straight forward labour as well, if you maintain a health and fitness program through pregnancy. A smooth, natural birth then minimises trauma, injuries and health issues with both you and your child. So conterary to previous beliefs, if you want that 'perfect, natural birth' you are far more likely to get it through health and fitness than laying back on the sofa eating cake and avoiding exercise. By having a program designed by a professional and thoroughly monitored throughout, you can rest assure that both yourself and baby are safe, and in fact - improving the health of you both. At 4D Fitness we also believe that starting fitness pre-natal leaves a lasting impression upon your child after they are born, and thereby introducing them to a heathy lifestyle and giving them a head start.


Training for Older Adults and GP/Medical Referrals:

However impossible you may think it would be to improve your fitness - we are here to challenge that. In most cases where people think it cannot be done, exercise is actually a good tool to improve whatever people believe to be the hinderance. We provide a free consultation to discuss any concerns you may have before committing to a training program, and we may require communication with your GP or health professional to ensure your program is perfectly tailored to you.


We are determined to dust the cob webs off of the medieval ideas that as you get older your life should become any less interesting. The more studies go into fitness in your later years, the more we find out that it prolonges life, helps prevent injuries and deters a huge amount of health issues. Not to mention the vitality and youthfulness it makes us feel.


It's the big one! The be all, end all. Let's face it - it can be very difficult to even know how much we should be eating... of 'what', 'when' and 'how'. With so much conflicting advertising and opinions - we are here to simplify things! During your consultation, one of our Personal Training Team will calculate how many calories you should be consumin and, how much protein and other nutrients you should be getting. With your new found wisdom you can check out what foods contain what levels by simply searching for them on google. If you're stuck for ideas and inspiration - no problem! We've set up a facebook page to share some recipes from members of our team. All of them designed specially to support different types of training. Of course you're more than welcome to throw in as many requests and questions as you like about them too. Don't forget to SHARE though!